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Introducing Tinder Pc Mobile Chat version 1.0

We are happy to announce the release of Tinder Pc Mobile Chat version 1.0 packed with some really impressive chat features that will give you more chances to Meet More Singles in our Dating Community.

The new Tinder Pc  Mobile web app supports all popular plugins depending on the browser and device compatibility. For example- Audio/Video broadcast, Audio/Video chat / ChatRooms  and Audio chat plugins currently work only in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers in Android devices.

Ability to Join Multiple Chatrooms

Tinder Pc Mobile Chat allows you  to create, join and chat on multiple chatrooms simultaneously. You  can easily switch between chatrooms and enjoy group chatting.

Audio Chat in Chatrooms

If Members  in a chatroom don’t have webcams or do not wish to have a video chat, here’s the solution to it! The Audio Chat Plugin in chatrooms now enables you to have an audio call with other Members  seamlessly.



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