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IPA day: the perfect excuse to ask your crush out!

Drinking trends have changed quite a lot as the years went by. I’m not even talking about alcoholic beverages specifically. Our grandpa probably asked our grandma to go out for a cup of tea, because that’s what it was expected back then. Can you picture the face of your granny if a man had told her “hey, let’s go for beer”? Yeah, me neither... she wouldn’t have been very excited about it.

But nowadays, it is super common to go to a nice pub on your first date. It doesn’t mean it’s less serious than going out for dinner, going to the cinema, or going to a museum. Sometimes, it’s even better because people think it’s less traditional and cooler.
Alcoholic drinks are not a new trend, of course. Did you know that human beings started drinking alcohol approximately 9000 years ago?  I bet cocktails weren’t as fashionable as they are today. In fact, cocktails appeared a long time after that: during the "dry" movement (in the USA) alcohol on the black market tasted so horribly that sellers started thinking how they could make it taste a little better. That’s how they started mixing it up with juice, fruits, etc. That’s a brief history of why today we can drink a tasty margarita on our first date…

Even though cocktails are still many people favorite choice on dates, some of them (specially young people) seem to find the idea of going out for a beer even fresher. But it’s not always the same kind of beer… There’re different kinds, and which one you choose depends a lot on your personality, your taste and what you feel like at the moment. It’s said men often prefer brown beer because it has a stronger taste, but that’s a stereotype. Lots of girls today love drinking a good pint of brown beer.

So what’s this “new” trendy type of beer called IPA? The initials stand for India pale ale. At the beginning it was used to provide beer for the British Empire in the east, because the weather was too hot to brew in India, and this kind of beer could survive the journey from Britain.
The prototype IPA was strong, and then it became paler and more refreshing.
IPA was rediscovered in the USA not so long ago, and now it’s a must for pubs.
Today, the first Thursday of August, it is the international IPA day, and it’s supposed to make people talk about IPA so more and more know this great type of beer.
Have you tried IPA? Now you have a perfect excuse to ask the person you like out. Next time you match on Tinder, you first line could be: “Happy IPA day! Wanna go for one to celebrate?” Good luck with that!


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