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Many romantics believe that a name can say a lot about a person, this explains why this aspect of our lives influences finding a partner in the virtual dating world

The dating application Happn shared the names app users find most appealing in Barcelona, Paris, New York and all over the UK with The Independent.

The top five male names that were most attractive to the opposite sex in Barcelona were Marc, David, Jordi, Albert and Alex. And for the girls it was Laura, Marta, Cristina, Anna and Andrea.

They find an unexpected connection between their physical appearance and their first name

In Paris, men are more successful with the names Louis, Adrien, Julien, Vincent or Alexander and women with the name Marie, Camille, Sarah, Charlotte or Pauline.

In the Big Apple, the favorites are Michael, Matt, Ben, Jason and Simon, while the five lucky girl names are Amanda, Nicole, Jessica, Alexandra and Katie.

For British boys, according to Tinder, no one is as attractive to girls as Harry (perhaps, because that's one of the prince's names), Jay, Thomas, Leo and Jack. Among the girls Amelia, Holly, Grace, Maisie and Olivia tend to get more dates than others.

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