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The Audio Feature!

Did you know that when you become a VIP member on tin.dating you have a lot of benefits?  And you will love our latest feature! 

Welcome to “The Audio feature”, a wonderful feature that the VIP members of our network will enjoy from now on. We will create and share music files, audio lessons and podcasts. We will not only add tracks, but also create and edit playlists. Click here so you will start enjoying these VIP feature.

Music is an anesthetic for humans… it helps us numb the pain, be happier, enrich our lives. At home, on the street with our earphones on, traveling, when we feel we have to wait forever for something, when everything goes well and when everything goes no-so-well. Music has different benefits for our lives. Children may be the ones who notice them the most, but when you’re an adult you learn to take advantage of it.

Different studies have shown that listening to music has different benefits for our health. It is able to change our mood if we are sad, to reduce the stress and to make us feel better. Music surrounds us and accompanies us everywhere on our mobile devices, on television, in the movies and of course, at the concerts of our favorite artists or groups. When we see that people shout the lyrics of a song, jump, dance and enjoy, it is because the music has positive effects on us. These effects are seen not only on adults but also on children and elderly people. To the elders, something seemingly as trivial as listening to music can alleviate pain, or can be even used to exercise their audition to avoid hearing loss.

This is why, we, the creators of tin.dating have decided to add this amazing feature. Because we are aware of how important music is in the lives of the members of our community.

Tell us what kind of music you would like to be hear… Who are your favorite music genders and musicians? 

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