Tinder Updates

The New Tinder Plus

The New Tinder Plus

Tinder is releasing a new addition to the popular app. The app, which used to be completely free, has now become a fermium app with a couple of new features. They are useful if you need them but otherwise you could just stick with the free version of the app.

There are two new features of the premium app, and there will probably be more to come very soon. These two new features are the “undo” feature and “passport feature”.

The Mistakes You Make

When you swipe left or right on tinder, its very common for you to instantly regret your choice. You may swipe left and decide you don’t like someone but immediately change your mind and want to go back. These mistakes could lose you the love of your life, and it’s certainly frustrating sometimes.

With tinder’s new undo feature in the paid version of the app, you are able to go back. It just takes one button to undo your last decision and you will be back to that person. Now your mistakes can be fixed and you don’t have to worry about missing opportunities any more.

Travelling Somewhere Nice?

If you are travelling to a new country or you go travelling often then you will love this feature. You are able to setup locations that you are about to go to in the future and have the app find you matches in that location. This means that when you touch down to land, you will have several dates lined up already.

It’s possible to even have dates lined up and expect to stay at their house so you wont even need to pay for accommodation. Talk about travelling light. This new feature in the paid version of the tinder app is certain a useful one. You can plan a full trip and have people to meet all the way through your travels.

These two features are not really much on their own, but put them together and they create some value for the average tinder user. If you don’t plan on travelling much and you don’t really care about making mistakes when you swipe, then this update will be useless to you and you would be better off with the free app.

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