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The Polls Feature.

Welcome to POLLS!

We are glad to inform you that our community becomes better and better every day. And now, we want to introduce a new feature that can significantly improve the interaction with you and encourage your engagement.

From now on, members will be able to answer polls on myapp.chat, and with just a click, people will give their opinion on issues that concern everyone.
When we want to know the opinion of the public about something, myapp.chat will be the best place to get instant results. This is a new way to relate to the mass audience of myapp.chat and understand exactly what our members think. And for those who participate, it's a very easy way to make their voices heard.

So far we had some ways to know your opinion: making posts with open questions for members to respond, but now we can create surveys with two options (or more) to answer directly.

The Polls feature” can provide you with a great number of opportunities. Now, the communication with you, network members, will become much faster and much more effective.
Depending on what you want to discuss, we will create a survey (Question Polls) or offer you to choose one of the variants (Polls) to know your preferences and opinions.

Click hereto see the POLLS feature.


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